Why Co-Working Communities are Good for Small Businesses

One of the positive fallouts of the recent economic crisis has been the insurgence of entrepreneurism among those who would have otherwise worked for others. Along side this trend has been the emergence of a new phenomenon called “co-working.” For those who are unfamiliar with the term, co-working refers to an arrangement where budding entrepreneurs […]

How Does Your Small Business Compare to the Competition?

Would you like to know how your business measures up to your competitors? Check out this free, informative survey based on the Small Business Success Index developed by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in conjunction with Network Solutions, LLC.   Network Solutions is a technology consulting company for small businesses […]

Small Business Growth Stunted Amid Economic Uncertainty

For the majority of U.S small businesses – the backbone of the nation’s economy – growth and expansion have remained on the back burner as of late. In fact, many smaller companies are struggling just to stay afloat even as reports stream in that the economy seems to be on the mend. Why? Here are […]

Surprise! Big Banks Are Again Pushing the Plastic

According to a recent Federal Reserve report on small business credit card usage, though small business financing remains sluggish in the areas of business loans and business lines of credit, small business credit cards are fast becoming a popular, short-term financing option. Isn’t this a bit of deja-vu?   When the government stimulus program dried up […]

Businesses Capitalizing on High Unemployment

As the unemployment rate continues to hover around 9.5%, leaving consumer income depleted, many industries have been suffering. But not every industry has been hit hard by the recession. The truth is that for numerous companies business is booming as a direct result of the high unemployment rate. What are these industries, and why are they flourishing? […]

New Financial Regulation to Reach Small Businesses

Earlier this week, President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection financial reform bill into law initiating a sweeping reform of financial regulation. While the new legislation is meant to target big banks, it turns out that many small businesses may also be affected.   The bill’s provisions attempt to protect consumers […]

Midterm Elections: What’s at Stake for Small Businesses?

Political pundits are predicting heated congressional elections this November. Republican supporters are determined to retake both the Senate and the House on the coattails of growing skepticism and discontent among voters with the current administration. If the Republicans succeed in increasing their number of seats, small business owners can expect to see changes in major […]

A Key to Small Business Longevity? Find a Niche!

It’s well known that small retail businesses often struggle against their big corporate competitors. And with the rise of Internet-based retail, the economies of scale are tipping even more in favor of the mega firms that have the resources to invest and can offer a wide range of merchandise at cut-rate prices. But a new […]

The Most Unusual and Creative Marketing Promotions 2009- 2010

One of the positive outcomes of an economic slowdown is the innovation that can come out of it. As businesses big and small scramble to capture precious consumer turf, what has emerged is a bold, new attitude in business marketing. All the sluggish sales and depleted consumer confidence were no doubt the driving force behind […]

Small Business Confidence Wavering; Cash Flow a Problem

 According to the Discover Small Business Watch, small business owners are experiencing cash flow problems, leading to reduced economic confidence. Business owners’ economic confidence decreased in June. Previously, it had risen for two consecutive months.   More than half of all small business owners said they feel the economy is getting worse. Reflecting this sentiment, […]