Words That Sell…The Weasel Hears the Hawk

What we say is often less important than the words we use to express what we want to communicate. Saying the wrong thing is easy – we’ve all been there – but how do we say the right thing? Are there words with universal appeal that will help you grow your business? Yes! These are […]

The Franchise Forecast

The franchise forecast for 2013 is ‘partly cloudy’. The US Census Bureau, in its first comprehensive statistical report on franchise businesses, issued in 2010, stated that franchises comprise a very respectable 10.5% of businesses surveyed and were responsible for a disproportionately high figure of close to one sixth of total sales. However, the 2013 franchise […]

5 Keys to Increasing Productivity in Your Business

These days when the speed of life and business just keep quickening, it can seem like we are never being productive enough. There is always more to stay on top of; more to do, yet less time to do it; and often with less money and other resources at our disposal. Ironically, all this focus […]

Truckers Sidelined by Safety Regulations

In the trucking world, safety comes first, but continued concerns about lengthy workweeks and driver health are sending some truckers back to bed instead of onto the road. New regulations by the Obama administration, which will limit truckers’ workweek to 70 hours from 82, were announced in December 2011, but the industry had 18 months […]

E-commerce: The New Royalty of Retail

Online transactions are the preferred shopping method of today as this generation spends most of its time online. The prevalence of smart phones has only increased this phenomenon. In the past few years mobile payment services have become a norm increasing the already high volume of online sales. FastPivot Ecommerce states that online purchases from […]