How to Rebuild Your Business’ Credit Score

As the US economy still labors under a sluggish recovery, countless small business owners across the nation have experienced a sharp decline in their business credit scores. Chalk this up to a combination of poor sales and a growing pool of cash-strapped customers struggling to fulfill their financial obligations.     Fortunately, there are several […]

What is the Definition of an Independent Contractor?

There are numerous reasons why business owners choose to outsource work to independent contractors. Freelancers are generally cheaper then employees since the employer is free from paying unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and payroll taxes as well as a slew of other benefits or perks. Hiring an independent contractor also offers employers a measure of […]

When Customers Can’t Pay on Time Flexibility is Key

Small business owners tend to wear many hats; they can be managers, marketers, IT technicians,accountants, and office assistants. But in today’s economy as valued customers struggle to pay their financial obligations, many small business owners are finding that yet another hat has been added: debt collector. When customers withhold payment, the cash flow of the […]

Revamp Your Home Business with Energy Star and Save Money

While the US economy is struggling to attain its equilibrium, home business owners are being offered a boon to help them upgrade or expand their home based offices through the Energy Star Rebate Program.   The Cash for Appliances Rebate Program, also referred to as the Energy Star Rebate Program, is a $300 million US […]

What to Consider Before Taking the Franchising Plunge

Getting started with a franchise may seem like an attractive, more secure option for would-be entrepreneurs looking to run their own business- especially among those who have experienced layoffs, work reductions, or the inability to find work in the first place. But becoming a franchisee generally involves a considerable investment of time and money, and […]