5 Ways to Avoid Being Sucked in by a MLM/Pyramid Scheme

(Also known as network selling, direct selling, or multi-level marketing) 1) Never agree to go to an interview without getting a company name. Once you have the company name, you should research it on the internet. If you can’t find them, or anything about them, or if they require that you purchase costly inventory, then […]

5 Reasons Loan Sharks are Better than Family for Borrowing

1) You don’t have to worry about the loan shark taking the risk. If you think your friends or/and family might lend you money, even though traditional bankers are saying no, then you probably have a pretty good relationship with them. You believe they care about you, and you probably feel the same way about […]

If You Don’t Do it When You Hire… You’ll Get Busted When You Fire

Here is how to effectively avoid “hiring” issues: 1) Keep a record of your interview notes – don’t write anything that may be considered discriminatory. Keep a record of the job description and requirements which you provided to the employee originally. 2) Don’t exaggerate or understate your expectations of the employee, the success of the […]

5 Interview Questions Which Will Get You Sued

Everyone knows that discrimination is illegal, but do you know the breadth of questions which are considered discriminatory in employment law? Small businesses often have a harder time in this area, because there is not always a HR (human resources) specialist on staff. Many traditional employment applications that you might be using have questions which […]