10 Essential Business Blogs You Should Be Following

There are countless blogs out there that offer a wealth of useful business-related information and news, but after a while, even if the content is good, most of them may start to sound the same. For those looking to trim a little blog fat from their rss feeds, or for those newbies wondering where they […]

Why a Tax Preparer May Not be Enough for Your Small Business

As the 2011 tax season gets underway, many small business owners will be seeking the assistance of professional tax preparers to help them through the process. But in an effort to save money, they may end up shortchanging themselves. Here are three reasons why a long-term financial adviser may more adequately fulfill the needs of […]

Small Business Owners Still Sporting a Recessionary Mentality

We’re not out of the woods yet… The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recently reported that its quarterly Index of Small Business Optimism fell 0.6 points in December to 92.6, closing off the 36th consecutive month of a recessionary reading.   Of the small businesses surveyed, sluggish sales continue to be a primary concern, […]

Tax Season 2011: What Business Owners Need to Know

The 2011 tax season is in the air… In a last minute push through the door, the massive, bi-partisan legislation, the Tax Relief and Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010, cleared Capital Hill. Now that the dust has settled a bit, there are several changes in the initiative that will effect those […]

Over 20 of The Dumbest Business Mistakes of The Decade

Here is a collection of the biggest blunders, bloopers, and dumbest business moves of the past decade: 1. The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall Immersed in obscure accounting practices that concealed loses worth billions of dollars, Enron’s downfall at the end of 2001, will certainly be remembered as one of the most notorious scandals in […]

Cautiously Optimistic: 5 Areas Where Small Biz Outlook Looks Up for 2011

As 2011 begins, small business owners and entrepreneurs have been expressing their hopes and concerns for the new year. The results of several widely distributed surveys show an optimistic leaning and most sources indicate that the economic heaviness of the past few years is beginning to lift. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs and small business owners, seem […]

Tips for Dividing Business Founder Equity

When multiple people are involved in starting and building a new business, it is very easy to overlook what seems to be a small, mundane issue: how to divide founders’ equity. But, if a bit of forethought is brought in at the beginning regarding the definition of ownership and the anticipated compensation that each of the founding members will receive, […]