Missing the cash flow to improve your cash flow?

Existing businesses seeking business financing have a harder time than start-ups, in securing a business loan. Entrepreneurs in search of start-up capital for their businesses can invent favourable figures in their projections used in convincing the bank to provide financing. A business owner looking for additional financing for his already established business does not have […]

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Sell their Receivables.

Lets face it, if a business did not have to, it wouldn’t sell its’ receivables. Yet receivable factoring, in the form of invoice receivables factoring or a business cash advance (credit card factoring) is a very common and widely used financing option for small to large sized businesses. Although there can be many reasons why […]

Subprime Mortgage Collapse: Increased Demand for Factoring

I read an article in the Indy Star today which examines the effect of the subprime mortgage collapse on small businesses seeking financing.  The writer looks at the two other options readily available to small businesses – leasing and invoice factoring (similar to business cash advance.) She pinpoints in her article the increasing demand for […]

Factoring – Financing Small Businesses Since the Romans

I found a great review about invoice factoring and invoice discounting by Henry Byers – It has a history (since the Romans), definition, list of industries which use factoring, etc.  Remember, credit card factoring / financing has all the benefits of invoice factoring, with less risks. I particularly like how Byers boils down what invoice factoring is, he […]

Business Cash Advance A Form of Invoice Factoring

Not everyone realizes that “Business Cash Advance” is simply another type of factoring – one based on credit cards.  The benefits of credit card factoring over invoice factoring abound.  The top five benefits are: no hidden fees no pestering your customers no dependence on a single client – you are not factoring an individual invoice, just future […]

Factoring – A Mainstream Financing Option

Now the article I’m refering to is actually RE invoice factoring.  I recommend credit card factoring due to lack of fees, less hassle, etc…  I wrote a short post comparing Invoice Factoring vs Credit Card Factoring My favorite bit: Factoring is a long established and mainstream financing option for businesses. Invoice factoring is the time […]

“The Clever Ones” are turning to Business Cash Advance

In my daily google, I ran across the first paragraph of an article, with an offer to buy the rest.  I was amused, because we offer articles like this for free!  The first few sentences (incl. the title) told me what I already know – we are in the right business here at FastUpFront.  We offer a great service to our […]

High School Students – Admin Labor Option

Call this a pet issue of mine, if you will.  Most articles offering advice for small businesses will suggest hiring college students for administrative tasks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, college students are generally smart, responsible and inexpensive.  However, in my experience High School students can be all of the above.   High Schoolers who work […]