10 Factors that Cause Small Business Lenders to Reject a Loan Request

Even as the economy shows subtle signs of a future recovery, many economic experts agree that it is far from over and that spells bad news for small businesses in search of financing. Lenders continue to be tight-fisted when it comes to extending credit, and this dearth of financing has dealt a tremendous blow to […]

Top Small Businesses Financial Accounting Mistakes

It is common among cash-strapped small businesses for the owners and their employees take on many responsibilities simultaneously. The job of financial accounting and general bookkeeping thus often goes to someone within the business who has not been formally trained for the task. Though this may be an effective way to reduce expenses, it could […]

Creating Flexibility in Your Employee Work Schedule to Cut Costs

Even as the economy shows signs of revival, several economic indicators, such as consumer confidence, consumer spending, and the nation’s unemployment rate, suggest that it will still be a tough road ahead for many small businesses over the next few months. (Image Credit) Those small business owners looking for ways to get through this difficult […]