Your Competitor Lowered His Prices: Don’t Panic, Follow These Strategic Steps

As the economy continues to struggle, many small business owners are finding that they have to compete more and more for consumers’ attention and wallets. It’s no secret that price can be a huge motivator in people’s minds today as they go about making their purchase decisions. In an attempt to keep their sales levels up, many […]

9 American Entrepreneurs Who Went from Dirt Poor to Stinking Rich

The American Dream may seem very far these days for the average American struggling to get by. But behind all the mushy idealism, the truth is there are those who live a real rags to riches lives. The following are ten famous American entrepreneurs who left their poor beginnings behind to become some of the […]

Why Today Small Biz Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore Google

Given the way people use the Internet to make purchasing decisions these days, if you own a small brick and mortar business you really need to invest in your online presence. Just make sure that investment includes Google and it’s social network G+. So I’ll stop here and say that this is not a post […]