Must Have Tech for Small Business

The importance of having the right tech tools on hand is undeniable for small business owners. If you’re not up-to-date and using all of the available channels and options available to you, you’ll eventually be left behind. Think about it this way: using tech ultimately makes your business seem bigger, giving customers greater confidence in […]

Insuring Your Employees Without Losing Your Shirt, or Theirs

If you own or manage a small or medium size business, maintaining or even obtaining health insurance for your employees is one of your leading concerns, just as it is for your employees. According to a brochure put out by the Georgia Small Business Development Center, employees overwhelmingly consider health insurance to be the most […]

Take on Competitors by Claiming Your Niche

Do you know who your direct competition is? If you’re a small business purveyor of artisanal popcorn, you might think your direct competition is other popcorn providers — big or small. You might even consider only those in the same regional area as you as your direct competition. But what about other firms that provide […]

How Social Media Can Increase Trade Show Success

In a world where business communications are moving at the speed of light, trade show marketing may seem like a dusty relic… from the outside. If you’ve had any experience manning a trade show booth or attending such an event, then you know that trade shows are alive and well. They remain hubs of intensely […]

Early Tax Prep Make the IRS…Less Taxing

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” wrote Benjamin Franklin in 1789. So, so true. However, proper preparation for taxes can make the process a bit less painful, and a whole lot easier. Every year, from about mid-March, millions of Americans begin the mad rush to prepare all of the paperwork […]

Bitcoin for Small Business – Revolution or Racket?

Bitcoin, the newest variation on the e-wallet theme, is making a lot of noise these days. That’s not the jingling of loose change – Bitcoin is strictly a virtual currency – but rather the vociferousness of the arguments for and against this peer-to-peer electronic payment system. A closer look at Bitcoin, together with its pros […]

Clearing Up Cloudy Online Security Issues

For a small business, storing information on the cloud makes a lot of sense…and dollars. The most common rationale for choosing SaaS is to save money on infrastructure, servers, IT and licensing fees. However, security is a pressing concern in connection with any data that’s out there in the Webosphere.   Hacked Hacker attacks are […]

Is Economic Policy Uncertainty Affecting Small Business Growth?

Is uncertainty about the direction of federal policy hindering small businesses, causing them to hold back on expanding, hiring, and investing? This very question is at the center of a heated public debate. According to small business owners, uncertainty and misgivings about future tax and regulatory policies is indeed hindering the recovery of their operations […]

Why Failure is a Business Owner’s Best Friend

The title of this post aside, no matter how many times we may hear about growing from our mistakes, if we’re being honest with ourselves, no one really likes to fail. In business, the heartache of failure can be compounded by the loss of significant sums of money, the inability to further employ your workers, […]