The Secret to Getting Things Done

Have you ever looked in amazement at one of those super doers? You know who I’m talking about. Those people who seem to defy the confines of time to get a seemingly insurmountable list of things done, day after day. Have you ever looked at these people and wondered what you are doing wrong? Even […]

Low-Cost Business Opportunities You Can Start in Your Neighborhood

You don’t need to travel so far to find a good business opportunity, and you don’t need to run a strictly online business, either. There are many, profitable business ideas that you can do within your own community and for little investment. 1. Crafts and Creative Products. Many successful businesses got their start as hobbies. […]

How to Fund Emergency Business Expenses

How can you get quick capital to help cover any unexpected emergencies or significant cash shortfalls in your business? Even if you have few assets, you may still have options as long as you put in little forethought before something happens. Running a Business is Full of Bumps One of the givens of running a […]

A Quick Guide to the Confusing World of Alternative Business Finance

After the credit crunch and subsequent housing meltdown in 2008, the banking industry made a much publicized move to reign in small business lending. What had once been a moderate flow of small business finance to the nation’s smallest companies, then almost completely dried up. In it’s wake, various alternative lenders and other loan arrangements […]

10 Successful Teen Entrepreneurs Who Made Millions

Is it just me or is the entrepreneurial pool getting younger and younger? If you look at the examples below, it certainly seems that way. The following teens and preteens aren’t just mere babes going through the typical rites of passage, they’re successful entrepreneurs who have managed to amass more money than most of us […]

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Business

Recently, I saw this article over at where the author highlighted several people who turned their hobbies into successful mega businesses, and it got me thinking. Aside from these superstars, plenty of people try and fail to make a buck off their favorite pastimes. What’s the secret sauce? Though not every hobby will net […]