Handle With Care: Managing Employees Who Must Wear Multiple Hats

It is common among small businesses that employees learn to become expert jugglers who must successfully manage numerous, often unrelated positions and responsibilities. And as the current economic downturn continues to hinder sales and cut into profit margins, this trend is only getting stronger. While combining positions may be a necessary step towards conserving capital and riding […]

The Top 13 Most Influential Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Does the daily grind of running a small business leave you feeling like you need a little inspiration? Here is a star-studded line-up of the most influential celebrities in business. Some of these pop icons basking in the limelight have used their personalities and business acumen to become successful business tycoons; others are savvy entrepreneurs who […]

Where Does Obama Stand? A Small Business Primer

In about two months, the responsibility of running our country will be put into the hands of President-Elect Barack Obama. For me, as a small business owner, the thought of a new administration in the White House automatically conjures up a funny mixture of hope, anxiety, and nervous anticipation. Rarely in history has a new […]

The Worst Mistakes to Make When Applying for a Bank Loan

At a time when the American economy is reeling from the effects of unfettered credit card debt, housing foreclosures, and price increases on everything from a gallon of gas to a can of tuna, bank loans are fast becoming a shrinking commodity. According to a recent Federal Reserve survey, the banking world is responding to […]

Going Green Today… A Different Kind of Environmental Impact

In recent months, the demand for organic products may have dropped, but it should not be taken as a sign that the “go-green” movement has met its demise. Expect a transformation instead. Whether you subscribe to the drive for all things organic and sustainable, are unabashedly opposed to it, or fall somewhere in between, there […]

Bucking the Trend: Who is Thriving in the Credit Crisis?

With concern growing over the health of the global economy, many consumers and businesses alike are doing whatever they can to ride out the impending storm- and that can spell growth and financial opportunity for those who can capitalize on it. So which sectors should still thrive in the current credit crisis?… Financial consulting and […]