Why Have Revenues from Sole Proprietorships Been on the Decline?

According to statistics of income provided by the IRS, the average revenues of sole proprietorships has been on a downward trend for the last 50 years, with the average sales per U.S. sole proprietorship dropping by two-thirds since 1966. How can we explain these numbers? Does this reflect the state of small businesses since about […]

When My Office Becomes Our Office

Due to the current recession, many companies find themselves cutting back in an attempt to reduce costs. One common measure used by many employers is reduction of office space. A 2011 Jones Lang Lasalle survey found that 73% of global companies are consolidating offices as an effective cost cutting measure. Workers in these companies are […]

Paypal Offers New Cloud Packages Service, But Will Small Businesses Bite?

If you are using Paypal to process your business’ online payments and money transfers, you may be interested in the payment platform’s new cloud packages service for business owners… at least Paypal thinks you should be. Paypal Business users now have the option of four Web-based business add-on services, dubbed the Cash and Customer Management Package. […]

Why Do People Spend Money? The Good News

Spending money is a complicated subject in the minds of many Americans. Everywhere on the Internet you’ll find articles by wannabe pop psychologists explaining why people spend the way they do and how they could and should spend less … or differently … or something. Guilt, shame and entitlement are the used watchwords. Poppycock. It’s […]

Is Your City Entrepreneurial?

With so many small businesses trying to make it, and with local governments forever seeking to attract entrepreneurs and give their city an economic boost, a recently raised question has been making headlines and causing a flurry of discussion among inquiring business minds. In a policy brief published by Harvard’s Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, […]

Understanding the Basics of Inbound Marketing

The growing acceptance and implementation of inbound marketing represents a definitive shift in the way businesses are approaching sales and advertising. Instead of running after customers and looking for ways to make them open their wallets, smaller companies in particular have recognized the value of creating and sharing valuable content in order to encourage potential […]