3 Reasons Why Temp Workers May Cost Your Business More

The implicit assumption when it comes to hiring temporary employees or consultants is that it will save your business money. After all, with these temp workers, you don’t have to worry about an attractive benefits package, a competitive salary, nor a drawn out hiring process. They come, they do their job, and they leave.   […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Temporary Workers

Whenever the workload increases, a key employee has taken a leave of absence, or additional skills and expertise are required to complete a specific task, bringing in temporary employees can quickly become a standard practice for businesses big and small. But the mere presence of an extra pair of hands or someone with a fresh […]

Starting a New Business? Make Sure it’s Legal!

Opening a small business requires all sorts of preparations such as raising capital, writing a business plan, finding a suitable premises, hiring staff and myriad other tasks. But even the best planning and care will mean nothing if your venture is saddled with fees and penalties or is forced to close down because it was […]

How to Detect Theft in Small Business Accounts Payable

When times are tough, people can get disparate…. As the economy huffs and puffs along, it has left in its wake a surge in business theft, and this trend has had a disproportionate impact on smaller businesses. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), employee theft at businesses with less than 100 employees […]