10 Tips to Protect Your Business’ Online Bank Account

Online banking may offer a great deal of ease and convenience, especially for owners of small and home-based businesses, but it exposes the account holder to a sea of unscrupulous fraudsters and hackers. In one fell swoop, a business’ entire financial health can be compromised and a business owner’s personal assets can be decimated. (Image […]

How the Credit Card Industry is Sucking Small Businesses Dry

Earlier this year I posted a series on credit card reform and suggested that it would be a rough road ahead for many small business owners… unfortunately I was right. Though the credit card reform act of 2009 may have put a spotlight on some of the obscure and outright abusive business practices embraced by […]

Top Business Blogs for Bootstrapping Small Business Owners

In a previous post, I listed my picks for the top small business blogs. But as the economy continues to sputter along and the credit markets remain tight (especially for small businesses), I wanted to highlight those blogs that are specifically targeted to those small and home-based business owners committed to bootstrapping- those who seek […]