How to Use Google Helpouts to Grow Your Small Business

Earlier this month, Google officially opened the doors on a Helpouts page specifically for Small Businesses. Though Google launched the service in November 2013, it is still a relatively unknown platform, and that means there’s a lot of opportunity. The possibilities that this new service offers for small businesses owners is something that shouldn’t be […]

5 Signs That The US Recession Isn’t Over Just Yet

For the past few years, there have been plenty of signals from Washington supported by an assortment of economic experts, that the economic recovery within the U.S. is moving along. But completely detached from the optimistic headlines the media keeps feeding us, the story on the street is totally different. On the surface, the contradiction […]

Big Banks Are Lending More: Is It a Real Sign of Economic Recovery?

According to the most recent results of the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index, small business loan approval rates at the nation’s biggest banks rose to 19.4% inĀ April 2014. This is up from 18.8% in March, and it represents a record high since the start of the recession. While this is certainly good news, is it […]