The Winners and Losers of the 2011 Retail Holiday Season- Infographic

As the year winds down and the dust begins to settle it’s getting pretty clear which businesses came out winning and which businesses won’t even be walking away with a consolation prize this holiday season.   Front and center in the headlines:’s continuing dominance in online sales fueled by a series of incredibly strategic […]

Why Google+ Works Great for Recruiting

Most people know Google+ as another social network for individuals to connect with friends and companies to connect with customers. However, many colleges and universities know Google+ to work well in a different way—a great tool for recruiting.   The website Mashable recently found that many universities are using the networking tool as an opportunity […]

Moving Your Full-Time Workers to Part-Time

Even with the somewhat promising employment report and holiday shopping rush that the media has been sticking under our noses, sluggish sales and strained cash flow are still making headlines for countless small business owners. In order to sustain the prolonged economic restraint, many small businesses have had to restructure their workforce. Often, that means […]

Reduce the Risk of Filing Your Business Taxes Electronically

As the year comes to an end many small businesses owners may already be thinking about the upcoming tax season. If you are among that population then here’s one more thing to think about: If you plan on filing your business taxes electronically or will be working with sensitive personal and financial information online in […]