Do Shoppable Hangouts Spell a New Era in Ecommerce?

A few weeks ago, four top fashion designers announced that they had agreed to host live shoppable video hangouts using Google+ Hangouts on Air. As those who attended the events relate their experiences, it’s very clear that ecommerce will look very different a few years down the road then what it does today. During each […]

Zoho Targets Small Business Owners With “Pay What You Want” Campaign

Among corporate circles, Zoho is practically a household name as a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution. But, for smaller companies, the range of products and services are often too much and too complicated. That’s about to change, though. Several weeks ago, Zoho introduced a new CRM product specifically for small businesses called Zoho ContactManager. What’s […]

Obamacare Offers More Questions Than Answers for Small Business Owners

Well, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has definitely gotten off to a rocky start. After its website,, officially opened for business, allowing uninsured Americans from 36 states to purchase health insurance online, it was quickly plagued by glitches that prevented many users from successfully signing up for an insurance plan. These hiccups have persisted, […]

Payroll Cards Gain in Popularity; How to Avoid the Pitfalls in Your Small Biz

As electronic payments become more common and the number of Americans without bank accounts rises, payroll cards have increased in popularity- especially among companies seeking to reduce payroll costs. But, if you are thinking of bringing payroll cards into your small business, make sure you choose your payroll card program wisely and that you are […]

Why Are Small Businesses Struggling With Hiring?

While so many Americans are still struggling to find sufficient employment, it seems small businesses are having a particularly hard time filling their available positions. In a recent survey conducted by Robert Half, 60 percent of small business owners responded that their biggest challenge in hiring or managing staff is finding qualified workers to do the […]

Three Great Business Planning Resources

If you are new to running a business, just the thought of creating a working business plan can be overwhelming- and this is on top of all the other things you need to master to get your business from ideation to operation. You don’t want to add to the mountain by consulting a ton of […]