How to Protect Yourself from Cuts to Your Business Credit Card Limit

Over the past couple of years, the credit card industry seems bent on shaking up the credit markets so that it comes out in their favor. For small business owners with business credit cards, there has been virtual tidal wave of often unexpected changes- from cut credit lines to closed accounts- that seems to blindly […]

Top 11 Must Read Books for the New Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

Though there is some disagreement over whether a successful entrepreneur is born or made, the truth is that starting a company with a solid background in business-related skills and information will always help. But getting a good business education does not mean you have to fork over thousands of dollars for an MBA. You can […]

Five of the Best Data Recovery Services for Small Businesses

One of the lessons to take away from the devastating destruction that has literally engulfed Japan over the past couple of weeks is that one never knows when disaster will strike. As a small business owner, it is good business practice to be prepared to some extent for the worst, or else you risk loosing […]

Pop-up Stores and Kiosks: Why Less is More

Pop-up stores and kiosks are literally popping up in shopping centers throughout America. The companies involved in this kind of venture vary- ranging from new start-ups wanting to test their products in the market, to major brands looking to expand their presence in shopping malls during the holiday season using temporary locations. (Image Credit) Much […]

5 Free and Low-Cost Apps to Manage Your Off-Site Workers

As technology continues to improve and businesses remain focused on cost reduction, there has been a growing interest in telecommuting. Many smaller companies in particular have been embracing this option, as they scramble to maintain a healthy cash flow and stay competitive in this still challenging economy. If your small business is looking to test […]

The Anatomy of a Successful Business Website: 10 Essentials

These days, maintaining a website for your business is a must in almost every case. But merely having a website is not enough- you have to carefully design your web space and maintain it in order for it to be effective in capturing the attention and business of your target market. To that end, here […]