How to Define Your Personal Values, Vision and Goals

Every successful company has a list of values, vision and goals — although some “mean” them more than others. What I mean, is that sometimes they are empty phrases so that they have an answer if someone asks, “What are your company values?” Other companies, really try to integrate their values, make decisions with their […]

Playing in Pain – What Business Owners Can Learn from Sports Legends

I saw a great “photo essay” at Sports Illustrated yesterday inspired by Tiger Wood’s recent victory.  It captured the moments where 24 sports greats such as basketball star Michael Jordan, Olympic medalist Kerri Strug, and baseball pitcher Curt Schilling played and WON when they were suffering great pain. Reading this article made me think about […]

Running a Successful Restaurant: The Menu Format

Because such a large percentage of small businesses are restaurants, I would like to make a dedicated series of posts to running a successful restaurants. There will be a post for this series about once every week or two. Please email me requests for specific topics. Like most small businesses, restaurants require perfection (or near […]

Unsecured Lines of Credit – Can You Get One?

One financing option which I have given less attention to in this blog than to other options is the “Unsecured Line of Credit”. This financing method has two things in common with business cash advance: “unsecured” and “financing”. That is where the similarities end. Unsecured lines of credit are gaining in popularity (among those who […]

6 Ways to Pick Your Small Business’ Credit Card

Every small business owner uses credit cards — the question you should ask your self is: “Which one should I be using?”  Each credit card offers a different value – but all have some things in common.  Credit cards can help finance big purchases and they are also a great way for businesses to keep track of expenses […]