Five Consumer Trends That are Changing our Economy

In the begining, when Americans were still reeling from the after shock of a freshly burst credit bubble and a crash in the housing market, to mention the term Recession felt almost dirty. Only the brave few dared to mention the “R” word for fear of persecution or being labled as a doomsday party-pooper. Most […]

Why Investing In Your Employees Makes Good Business Sense

Is investing in your employees good for business? According to a new report, “Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder,” (Harvard Business Press), the answer is unequivocally, “Yes.”   Jody Heymann, who led the study behind the report, researched twelve companies in nine countries. Every company had policies that improved conditions for their lower-level workers. […]

Why Conferences & Tradeshows Are Crucial to Small Business Developement

These days, while many small business owners are dealing with tightened budgets and strained cash flow, heading for the latest conference may seem like an unnecessary luxury. It’s hard to justify taking time away from work, paying for a hotel, food, and travel expenses. Yet, hobnobbing at conferences and tradeshows could infuse your business with […]

And the Winners of the Small Biz Bill… Big Businesses!

Throughout much of his tenure, President Obama been lending a significant amount of lip service to the idea that America should be investing in its small businesses.   Since the onset of our current economic difficulties, small businesses have disproportionally been suffering from the overall slowdown in consumer spending, leading to less cash flow and poor credit- two factors that have effectively crippled many […]

Credit Card Companies Quickly Adapt to New Legislation

No one can say that the credit card industry isn’t resourceful. The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, which was enacted in 2009, was meant to reshape consumer finance. The new legislation stipulates that card issuers must give customers more notice about interest-rate increases. It also restricts problematic billing practices, such as inactivity fees. […]

Tips for Co-Running a Business With Your Spouse

Cost-cutting needs have produced the latest trend: spouse-run businesses. According to the Kauffman Foundation, 8% of new small businesses in the U.S. are co-owned by husbands and wives.   Both marriage and business co-ownership are relationships with potential for conflict. How can a couple successfully work together without compromising their marriage? Here are some of […]

Attitude on Economy Remains Bleak for 2011

All predictions indicate that the economic recovery from the 2007-2009 US recession in will remain sluggish well into the next year. (No crystals balls needed.) According to the latest quarterly AP Economy Survey, economists are not very optimistic when it comes to the economic rebound. As opposed to earlier predictions, now they typically use words […]