Are You Being Bullied at Work? Over 33% of Americans are!

The topic of workplace bullying has been grabbing the spotlight in recent years. Far from those playground days when the class bully would wait to pounce on his victims as they made their way to and from school, in the work environment, physical threats are replaced by emotional and psychological harassment that can at times […]

How to Fail Right

“The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” – IBM’s Thomas Watson, Sr. “There is something about losing and coming back from it that burns character into a man’s soul, breeds confidence without arrogance, and makes a man believable when he talks about problems.” – John Sears, Campaign Manager for Ronald Reagan […]

How to Avoid Being Screwed by Customer Service (Part II)

Read How to Avoid Being Screwed by Customer Service (Part I) first. A supervisor can help you. They have: More ability to provide perks/freebies/refunds Power to put a note (good or bad) in the file of someone else you spoke to. Special training to deal with customer grievances to prevent them from escalating to the […]

Definitive Guide To Turning Your Business Green

The trend to “go green” has been leaving its footprint in countless industries. Small businesses that typically have limited resources to invest in things like renewable energy or environmental business consultants can still have a positive effect on the environment without making a huge investment of time or money. Here is a “how-to” for small […]