The Biggest Business Mistake?… Borrowing Money!

The other week over at Small Business Trends, I saw an interesting poll. The sole question: “What’s your biggest business mistake?” Though there are various options to choose from, such as “Failing to market my business,” and “Selling myself short,” the overwhelming favorite response (at the time of writing it is holding at 86% of […]

Don’t Get Sued, Get Smart!: 5 Tips to Protect Your Business From Costly Lawsuits

As a small business owner, getting unexpectedly caught up in a lawsuit can be both overwhelming and scary, not to mention a tremendous drain on resources. But you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to happen. There are many actions you can make to protect yourself in the event that one of your […]

Sales Tax and Your Online Business: Five Things You Should Know

Now that taxes are still fresh on the minds of many small business owners, I figured it would be a good time to write a post on sales tax for online businesses. Countless small online business owners may be uninformed when it comes to properly recording, collecting, and paying state sales taxes on their online […]

Top 7 Bookkeeping Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

As the 2011 tax season comes to an end, many small business owners may be learning the hard way that sloppy bookkeeping doesn’t pay- especially when you are dealing with the IRS. For those looking to make amends in the current year, the below are seven of the most common bookkeeping mistakes to avoid: 1. […]