Inspirational Thought of the Day

I had an inspirational thought today as I was looking through the business headlines.  All those businesses out there buying other businesses for millions of dollars: they all started as small businesses.  Pretty much every business in existence started as a small business.  Whatever your field, there are large businesses in your field which started […]

Innovation: How and Why

One thing that I consider fun (we all have to have hobbies) is taking something that appears on the surface to be a niche and only specific to a small group of people, and extracting essential principles which are Truths.  I then apply those Truths to completely different situations.  This is, in itself, is a type of […]

Alternative Financing is Gaining Popularity

 In the following transcript from the podcast of The Great Big Small Business Show, we see that business cash advance through credit card factoring is gaining in popularity and reputability.    A simple “swipe” of a customer’s credit card keeps your working capital advance up to date. Since the rate at which they collect the money is determined by […]

Article Review – Funding Your Small Business

 Article Name: Show Me The Money: Funding Your Small Business  In an article I read from MShale (The African Community Newspaper), Ongeri does a case study on a minority-owned small business in seek of financing.  He lays down two options: debt or equity. Equity is partnership, debt is a loan. It is a good article, and has […]