Is a BYOD Policy Right for Your Small Business?

Requiring employees to bring their own mobile devices has the potential to save your small business a significant amount of money, as the cost of purchasing and managing the devices is greatly minimized and employee productivity soars. But, your savings can be significantly compromised if your don’t implement a thought-out, comprehensive BYOD (Bring Your Own […]

The Workplace is Changing; Is Your Business Ready?

For the past ten years or so, as cloud-based devices and platforms have become more ubiquitous, and a growing population of working age people have become accustomed to working on the go, there’s has been a very noticeable shift away from traditional workplace attitudes and setups. Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to work smarter […]

3 Free Online Learning Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

There are many, many online learning opportunities for entrepreneurs. But, just sifting through all the possibilities could give even the most determined entrepreneur a massive headache. So, instead of 100 places online to learn about starting a business, here are three free resources that I’ve stumbled upon over the past couple of weeks, that offer […]

The Rise of the Independent Worker

Independent contractors, freelancers, consultants and micropreneurs have become an increasingly significant part of the workforce, and based on the findings of the Third Annual Independent Workforce Report from MBO Partners, it’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Why The Independent Work Force is Growing Before I get to the […]

What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing?

As the Internet, mobile technology, and media continue to evolve at lighting speed, it has created a lot of confusion about what it takes to effectively market a business these days, and as time goes on, more and more questions just keep surfacing. What social media platforms should you use and how? Should you opt […]