Top 3 Reasons Businesses Sell their Receivables.

Lets face it, if a business did not have to, it wouldn’t sell its’ receivables. Yet receivable factoring, in the form of invoice receivables factoring or a business cash advance (credit card factoring) is a very common and widely used financing option for small to large sized businesses.

Although there can be many reasons why a business would seek financing (improvement/change, growth, or survival), here are the top three reasons why businesses choose to sell receivables as a means of financing.

Lack of Security

Bank loans and other secured financing options are not always suitable for businesses that lack security/assets or have already overextended their mortgages (personal or business). Selling receivables depends on the value of future sales and is therefore unsecured.

Bad Credit

Many small and large businesses live with bad credit scores. Bad credit may not hinder a business’s day to day operations but can hurt a business’s borrowing potential as lenders focus on credit ratings as an indicator of risk. Credit card factoring in the form of a business cash advance is not dependant on the business owner’s personal or business credit, making it an attractive option for owners with less than perfect scores.

Quick Approval and Delivery of Funds

Loans take time! Most financing options require a business plan with historical financial reports in the application process. Lenders then assess the application carefully investigating of a multitude of factors. Approval for traditional financing can take weeks, and the transfer of funds even longer. A business cash advance is fast! Businesses can be approved for a business cash advance of up to $250,000 in less than 24 hours and funds transferred within days. For businesses in need of a quick business loan alternative – selling receivables is the best  option (regardless of credit).

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