“The Clever Ones” are turning to Business Cash Advance

In my daily google, I ran across the first paragraph of an article, with an offer to buy the rest.  I was amused, because we offer articles like this for free!  The first few sentences (incl. the title) told me what I already know – we are in the right business here at FastUpFront.  We offer a great service to our clients, helping them to finance their growth in an easy, low-risk way: business cash advance.

How to cash in on accounts receivable

Special to The Globe and Mail

Financing growth can be a tricky proposition for cash-challenged small companies. Increasingly, however, the clever ones are adopting a technique long accepted in Europe and the United States, says Ron Fish, chief operating officer of the receivables management group at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The easiest type of reveivables financing is credit card factoring.  It can often be fully automated.  Even the qualifaction requirements are simple: you only have to have been accepting credit cards for four months.

Your choice, buy the article or just call one of our financing specialists, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions (1-888-UpTo-250K ).

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