Business Acquisition: Buying Your Partner Out!

A business partnership is not a marriage – it won’t last forever (and lets face it 50% of marriages end in divorce). Basically you and your partner had a great idea, put a business together, got it off the ground and made it a success. But like any small business success varies. Maybe during the development your credit got hurt, the business may be on the right track now – but only after incurring a substantial debt in its development which leaves you with very little room to borrow any more from the bank. Ok, that’s small business. But now you and your partner have decided that it is best to part ways. Only catch is – no one is willing to just walk away and although the business has value, it has debt as well. Raising funds to buy out your partner through your personal credit is impossible, and taking on investor is the last thing you want to do.

No problem. Fund your business acquisition and buy your partner out with a business cash advance.  The advantages are clear:

  • Flexible repayment.
  • Bad credit is not an issue.
  • Funds can be secured quickly.
  • Your business’s debt is not a barrier.
  • No investor will have control over your business.

A business cash advance is the perfect solution for a partial business owner to gain full control and acquire complete ownership of his business.

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