Small Business Dress Code – The Whats, Whys and Hows

Summer-time tends to bring many things, among them: new office dress codes.  What’s the connection?  When employees start wearing flip flops and tank tops into the office, many employers decide that it is time to clarify just what is meant by “casual” attire.  The reasons to clarify a dress code are many, including: legal accountability, […]

Beat Your Debt Stress – Keep Your Health

Americans today are shouldering an enormous economic burden, and it might not just be having effects on our pocketbooks.  Research shows it could be effecting our health as well. A slowing economy, rising energy and food prices, and a slump in the housing market combined with a flurry of home foreclosures and the ever-present pressure […]

How to Define Your Personal Values, Vision and Goals

Every successful company has a list of values, vision and goals — although some “mean” them more than others. What I mean, is that sometimes they are empty phrases so that they have an answer if someone asks, “What are your company values?” Other companies, really try to integrate their values, make decisions with their […]