End of Year Tax Questions in a Slow Economy

An interesting thing that many small business owners are thinking about as December begins the end of the year: taxes.  Now, I know that is not exactly an odd thing to think about near the end of the year – but as a recent tax-related article I read pointed out, this year is different.  Why?  Because of the lousy economy.

To summarize: because business was bad for many businesses, less businesses are looking for deductions.  Some are even considering putting off year-end bonuses until January. 

One CPA in Florida put it simply, “If you’re going to have a loss or break even, [shopping for a Section 179 deduction] is going to be useless.

If you ARE having cash flow issues, one solution which does not show up on taxes as a loan, is a business cash advance.  This form of financing is quick, gets you cash you might need to purchase inventory for the holidays or other expenses, and (as previously stated) does not show up on taxes as a loan. 

Find out more about this financing option (and how it might help you solve your tax issues). 

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