Getting a Loan – Customer or Salesman?

I just finished reading a long article for small business owners about how he/she needs to prepare for the meeting with a banker when requesting a loan.  It goes over Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Collateral, etc, etc.  And it tells the business owner to “…remember the old sales adage, ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.'”

It made me wonder who the customer is in this sort of transaction.  Now I do know that banks need to be secure in the knowledge that they’ll be repayed, but I also feel they shouldn’t make their CUSTOMERS feel like their customers are doing a SALES call.  Give me a break….

Now this being said, I’m a bit biased, coming from a different part of the financing sector.  I work with FastUpFront – and we manage to be able to finance pretty much any small business, without even seeing a balance sheet, or talking about collateral.  For more info see our page on business cash advance  or read my posts on the subject.

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