Happy Birthday to the Blog

This August marks the first birthday of the Fast Up Front Blog.  Over the past year we have written on average about three posts per week covering a wide range of topics of interest (hopefully!) to the small business owner.  I’d like to highlight some of the topics we covered, and our evolution as a blog to becoming the FastUpFront Blog that we are now, in August 2008.

  • August 2007

We began very focused on financing side of things – looking at factoring, loans, government grants and other alternative financing options.  (Bank Loans vs Leasing vs Cash Advances) We covered some tax issues and other topics specific to finance/accounting and small businesses.

  • February/March 2008

In early spring we gave the blog a makeover, taking the other extreme.  We gave the site a “cooler” less “stiff” look and wrote on lighter topics suitable to a much wider audience.  Rather than focusing on financing, we wrote about more general topics.  Some of these were only related peripherally to business, (6 Successful Business that Prove Society is in Trouble) and very rarely to financing.

  • June 2008 – Present

Around June we decided that we wanted to create a sort of hybrid between our earliest style of blog and the more recent style.  We still like to include jokes, but they tend to be finance related (The Multi-Millionaire and the $5000 Loan); we even added comics (Secured Loans from Hell).  On the other hand, we tried to gear our focus back to our primary clients: small business owners.  Posts have been focused on topics as broad as marketing (Changing the Logo for your Small Business), and as specific as menu design for restaurants.  Posts are written to generally be a bit heavier than they have been, but still light enough to be enjoyable.  Our goal: to be fun and useful.  We want to help you to run your business in the best way possible, and to have fun doing it!

Let me know if you miss something from one of our previous  “incarnations” – I’d love to hear from you.  In the meantime, Gary and I will keep writing, and hope you keep reading.  I wonder what I will write about this coming year when I look back on it next August….

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