Capitalize on Call Avoidance

This may sound familiar… You need to make a phone call, yet are dreading the possible response. As you are dialing, you hope and pray that the other person won’t pick up –  wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave a message and avoid the whole conversation?

Now, you can!  I recently found out about a new free service offered by Boston-based MobileSphere which helps the more passive aggressive of us to avoid those unwanted responses and sticky conversations. Users can just call 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) followed by any US mobile number – their call will go directly to the recipient’s voicemail.

Though the incoming call is supposed to go undetected, some users have reported that the receiving phone will ring once. (But don’t worry, when the phone is picked up, the line goes dead.) The receiver’s phone will then register that a voice mail message has been received.

This neat service can give the user a tremendous sense of power and control at a time when information overload and hyperconnectivity are considered a normal part of life.

(And anyway… shouldn’t we all be allowed a little avoidance every now and then?)

It is also easy to see how the Slydial service can make its way into the business world. Just imagine the possibilities…

  • You can set up an appointment with someone and skip the awkward or time-consuming small talk.

  • Cancel a meeting with a client or co-worker or call in sick to work without having to delve into the details of your excuse.

  • Discretely contact potential clients or co-workers at a time when you know they are busy.

  • Convey a difficult message to an upset customer while still being personal.

Have any other creative ideas? Post in comments…

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