How is Your Favorite Business Effecting the Environment?

Climate Counts, a nonprofit organization committed to reversing climate change, recently posted their second annual Company Scorecard . The Scorecard rates 60 leading companies in nine major consumer sectors (Apparel/Accessories, Beverages, Consumer Shipping, Electronics, Food Products, Food Services, Household Products, Internet/Software, and Media) on their practices to reduce global warming.

Each company was ranked on a scale from zero to 100 based on several criteria that fall within four categories: “whether they measure their carbon footprint; what efforts they have made to reduce their own climate impact; whether they support or oppose global warming legislation; and what they disclose to the public about their work to address climate change.”

According to the study, even though eighty-four percent of the companies had made improvements in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and to promote those actions to their consumers, several major companies received a score of one or zero.

Here are the best and worst performers:

Top Overall Performers

Nike 82

Stonyfield Farm 78

IBM 77

Unilever 75

Canon 74

General Electric 71

Toshiba 70

Procter & Gamble 69

Sony 68

Hewlett-Packard 68


Worst Performers

Jones Apparel Group 0

Burger King 0

Darden Restaurants 0

Wendy’s Internat’l 0

Yum! Brands 1

VF Corporation 4

Viacom 4 5

eBay 5

Apple 11

For up-to date information and commentary on each business’ commitment (or lack thereof) to the environment, you can check out Climate Counts’ blog.

You can make your opinion on climate change heard through the dollars you spend.

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