Business Structure Options

Disclaimer: We will not be held liable for any information held on the sites listed below, I haven’t researched the companies putting out this information, I have simply tried to include comparisons coming from all sides (ie companies who help incorporate, those who help create proprietorships and those who specialize in creating a Limited Liability Company, or LLC)  I do not recommend using any of the companies I am linking to, I just found them in Google.

The majority of our clients are sole proprietors, or in a partnership.  Although this is the most common structure of small businesses, many experts say that small business owners should revisit the decision to structure their businesses in such a potentially risky fashion.  I have put together here some links that compare different structures available to small businesses. I hope they give y’all a good picture of the options out there:

Many websites I have been to have recommended BizFiling as a source for small business structure comparisons.

However, I found this chart, which is similar, but also includes partnerships in the comparison.   The website it is on ( contains further information comparing Sole Proprietorships vs. General Partnerships vs. Limited Partnerships vs. C Corporation vs. S Corporation vs. LLC. However, one should keep in mind that the website is put together by people who want you to pay them to help you form an LLC. 

This website seems to just be quoting a book (which is fine, and suggests it is relatively unbiased).  It breaks down each option for business structure.

Here is an independent article written on incorporating.

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