Upcoming Free Webcast on Financing

I just found out about a great webcast which will be taking place on June 24th.

“The American Dreams Rude Awakening- Mortgage Debacle and Foreclosures”

The OU (Orthodox Union), a Jewish organization, is sponsoring a free webcast focusing on how to deal with the mortgage crisis, whether you are looking to get a mortgage, or your house is being threatened with foreclosure. Tune in on June 24th from 6pm – 8pm EDST. Don’t forget to sign up first.

They will be addressing numerous issues including:

  1.  Foreclosure/mortgage issues such as the sub prime crisis and what it means,
  2.  How the crisis was born,
  3.  Modifications which are being made to loans as a result of the crisis,
  4.  Tips on dealing with foreclosure litigation,
  5.  Picking banks vs mortgage brokers – how-to,
  6.  Your credit rating and foreclosure, and
  7.  What can be done with a “re-set” mortgage rate.

The panel of presenters will include a variety of opinions. Including that of a Bank Loan Officer, a Mortgage Planner and an Attorney.

In order to “attend” the webcast you do need to sign up for a mailing list – but you can always cancel later. Check it out, I know I will. I also just saw that without joining you can also watch old webcasts, although those are more job-search/career related. If you miss the webcast live it might just make sense to check out the site after the 25th to watch/listen.

Props to the OU for having such helpful webcasts free to the public!

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