Finding the Top Business Blogs

I’ve spent the last week compiling info on the top business blogs – by golly there are a lot out there. So far, I have been taking John Crickett’s Top 100 Internet Business Blog list from his Business Opportunities and Ideas blog, and finding out key info on each blog and compiling it.

John’s list is based on the Alexa ratings. Most of the blogs listed there are focused on Online Marketing. I’d also like to add more business blogs with more general advice on running a business, or on other areas of business (such as financing) – perhaps some blogs similar to FastUpFront. Is your favorite business blog missing from the list? Let me know so I can add it to mine. I also plan to send John my detailed list so he has more specifics on the sites on his list.

Look for the completed list near the end of the week, or early next week. (It takes a long time to go to every site and see who writes it, what it is about, etc and then to write it all out!!  I’m a quarter done now.)

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