Brighten Your Cubicle with Funny Office Toys

Another boring day at the office? Is tension at work running high? Are you tired of staring at the same four walls of your cubicle? If so, check out these wacky gadgets to lighten and brighten your office.

“Basically Nabaztag/tag is a desktop companion that utilises Wi-Fi technology to fetch information from the Internet and convey it in various charming ways. Confused? You won’t be, because you’ll soon be relying on this cute little critter to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news, read you messages from friends, check the stock market and give you tomorrow’s weather forecast today. Nabaztag/tag can even communicate with fellow bunnies and get married.”

  • Funky Key Caps. Lighten up your keybaord by adding a panic button and other amusing keys.

“Tickle your funny bone with Computer Keys Set — hilarious novelty computer keys stuck to your computer or anywhere else you need a byte of humor! Each has a double-sided tape base so it sticks to any surface. Sold as a colorful set of 8 — assorted sentiments: Panic Key, Any Key, Beer Key, duh Key, $ Key, Oops Key, Eject and Smiley emoticon face Key.”

“Soft, pliable foam shaped like a baguette cushions your wrist and makes working at your computer more comfortable—and fun. Lunch, anyone?”

No need for a boring desk set. Here you have a Gumby-style Elvis holding your tape, Dimitri the weightlifter holding your CDs, and Dionis, your scissors. These fun characters make your desk a far more interesting place to pass the hours at work.

“Holds Business Cards & Tells Time! Desk-top conversation starter is a scaled down replica of an office filing cabinet! Complete with LCD clock/calendar and A-Z index cards (included) to organize over 800 business cards in two drawers.”

  • The Lock Cup. Prevent your co-workers from using your coffee mug. The cup comes with an open hole that can only be closed with the owner’s key. This neat invention hasn’t actually been manufactured yet, but it is a great concept!

“A cup that is designed for people who share workplace facilities such as a kitchen. The cup has a hole which prevents people from using it. Only the owner of the cup can use his shaped key to close the hole, our the coffee and enjoy the drink.”

“…we brought forth this three stage system to help protect everything in your cubicle – and beyond. Each unit has an ever-watchful motion sensor. The first line of defense is lovingly referred to as Alarm 1. When Alarm 1 is tripped two very important things happen. First, it flashes and klaxons to signal an intrusion. But (and this is the kicker) it also arms Alarms 2 and 3 using invisible wireless signals. Alarm 2 also has an audible alarm, but it is louder than Alarm 1. It also will spot the varmint with a red light beam. Alarm 3 is the coolest; when it is tripped two safe (but surprising) missiles will be launched at the now-fleeing interloper. You valuables will be safe, your cubicle will be secure, and your foe will be embarrassed enough to leave your stapler alone for good.”

“The victim will pick up the pen, and, without even a nub of conscious motion, their thumb will immediately migrate to depress the top of the pen in hopes of discovering a fine new writing instrument. Instead, as they depress, they will complete a circuit that creates a small magnetic field, which then simulates an alternating current and provides relatively high voltage to the depression point on the thumb. It all happens in a split second, as will the screech and instant profanity, but the office memories will last a lifetime…”

  • Dilbert Cubicle Periscope. Let Dilbert keep an eye on your co-workers for you, while you sit in the comfort of your own cubicle.

“…Dilbert Cubicle Periscope will allow you to spy on coworkers from the safety of your cubicle walls. Comes as a simple tape assembly easy to construct. Even Dilbert’s co-workers could accomplish it–after three meetings.”

“Why would anyone possibly want a doorbell on their cubicle? Typically, visitors knock loudly on the cubicle partion, shuffle/stamp their feet, or clear their throat repeatedly to get your attention. The Cubicle Doorbell provides a fun way for visitors to announce their arrival…. The unique 3-position volume selector lets you set the loudness for your particular environment. Normal (for environments with average background noises); Soft (for less active environments); Personal (extra soft for very quiet environments).”

Have any of these? Let me know if you like them. Have some other cool toy you want to tell me about? Send me a link.

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