How to Get a Business Loan When Your Credit Sucks!

In the world of small business finance, business loans and bad credit do not usually go together. Even though federal interest rates have been dropping, which is good news for borrowers, the current credit crisis engulfing America, has caused the banks and lending institutions to be wary about approving loans on bad credit.The result is […]

11 Things a Small Business Can Do to Survive Today’s Economy

With a little discipline, good organization, and planning, small businesses can safely survive an economic downturn. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Stay in touch with your cash flow. Focus on the areas where your cash is being held up, such as inventory, equipment purchases, and accounts receivable. By doing so, you will be in […]

What You Should Learn When Spying on Your Competition

Success depends on how effectively you can differentiate your products, services, and solutions from those offered by your competitors. In order to build and maintain your unique selling point among customers, you need to be aware of what your competition is doing. Although “spying” is an extreme term, focused attention and research on your competitors […]

Hot Business Ideas and Trends for 2008

Even with all the talk of an economic recession, opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners abound. Upscale consumerism, green consciousness, products and services for the elderly, a dizzying array of cutting-edge computers and mobile devices, all of these areas promise rapid growth. Plus, many of these industries target broad markets leaving the door wide […]

How to Turn Your Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Operation

It is possible for a small business to make it big, even in an economy that is slowing down, and even with stiff competition from big corporate competitors. By paying attention to the following five areas, you will be able to bring out the best in your small business: 1. Plan it out. Business planning […]

How to Legally Avoid Paying Business Taxes

Many small business owners are unknowingly paying more than they have to towards their federal taxes!  Much of this has to do with either ignorance or confusion regarding what can and cannot be deducted. If you are looking the maximize your tax deductions this year, then consider the following recommendations. Please note, however, that the […]