Free Marketing Through Social Networking Sites

Did you know that you can use social networking sites to promote your business?  This is true whether you have a hair salon, a restaurant, a bar or an auto shop.  Social Networking sites (like MySpace ) are free and are a great way to advertise, build, and maintain your customer base.

A quick search on myspace showed eight salons in downtown Chicago and three bars.  Do a search of your zip code and see which of your competitors are on the social networking bandwagon.  Whether there are many, or none, it is in your best interest to try it out for yourself. 

You would be surprised to see how many people will connect with  you, especially if you have a sign on-site telling people about your myspace page.  You can use the page to post promotions, pictures and to chat with your customers.  In turn, their friends will see that you are connected with them.

Sign up to the sites and try them out!  If you have any customer email addresses, you can punch them in and see who is online.

Use today’s technology to help your business.  

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