Wishes for the New Year

New Year’s Eve can be a reflective time for anyone, but especially for small business owners.  In addition to all the personal resolutions, you have many for your business as well.  For many small business owners, the line between ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’ blurred such a very long time ago.

Here are some articles I have written in the past few months, which might be related to your resolution for the New Year:

If you are hoping to have a more solid separation between business and personal, or want some direction on time management, then I suggest you read:  How to find time to get a life

Maybe you’ve decided that next year you are going to take the big step and buy your partner out; here are some tips: Business Acquisition: Buying Your Partner Out!

Or, you have just decided to educate yourself.  Read our archive of Business Articles, or check out this article I wrote on Free Online Business Finance Workshops

Happy New Year’s!

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