How to Fund 2007/2008 Tax Year Expenses

As 2007 comes to a close, many small businesses are looking back on the year, and planning for the next tax year.

How many of us are asking: 

“When should I add my major expenses?  Does it make sense to make large purchases in 2007 tax year, or should we tack it on to 2008 tax year and hope that there is more of a need to offset income?” 

The answer depends a lot on what your numbers were this year, and what your projections are for next year (I wrote about this tax issue in another posting a few weeks ago).  In any event,  you should make that decision carefully, and may want to consult a tax professional. 

What happens when you decide that the best decision tax-wise is to add more expenses, but you don’t have the ready cash you need? 

My suggestion:  check out a business cash advance.  Business Cash Advance is a financing solution based on credit card factoring.  Many successful small businesses find that this credit card factoring based solution (which is not a loan and has minimal requirements) is the best way to get the cash they need when they need it.  Different providers have different rules, but Fast Up Front, for example, can advance you up to $250,000.  Check us out – it is a great finance solution.

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