Business Cash Advance – How to know who to work with?

If you are considering Credit Card Factoring / Business Cash Advance as a Cash Flow solution for your business, the next step might be picking an agency you want to work with.  I put together the 3 points which I consider the most important to examine before accepting a business cash advance from ANY agency.

1. Make sure that the details of the process are explained to you.

Misrepresentations are abundant in the world of financing, and credit card factoring is NOT the exception to the rule.  Make sure that you completely understand how the process works and how EXACTLY the process can effect your Working Capital.

2.  Fully clarify with your factor any Additional Fees / Hidden Costs.

Make sure that everything is clear to you and nothing is left vague or otherwise unclear.

3.  Work with an experienced professional.

You should feel comfortable with your advisor and have a good relationship with them.  You should be able to be confident in their experience and trust that their advice has YOUR best interests at heart.

Do your research, check around, but don’t forget to look into using Fast Up Front as your business cash advance provider.  I’m confident that when you look at the above points (and pretty much any other points as well) you’ll be very pleased with the service we give.

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