Free Online Business Finance Workshops

Today, I ran across a series of free business finance workshops that seem very helpful. They take a while to load, but they are very well done. There is a PowerPoint style presentation with a voiceover (not just reading what is on the screen.) Each workshop covers a different “How to” – I’ve annotated the links to the different presentations so you know what each one is about.

How to Develop and Write Your Business Plan  – This two-part workshop takes you through all the facets of the development and writing of a business plan.

Creating and Using a Profit and Loss Statement – This workshop is intended to provide deeper insight into the financial health of you company while going through the process of creating a profit and loss statement.

Preparing a Balance Sheet – This workshop is designed to teach you how to prepare the balance sheet you need for your business.

How to conduct a Market Analysis – This workshop teaches you how to gauge how much of an audience for your new business idea.

How to prepare a Cash Budget / Cash Flows Chart – The Cash Budget workshop is great for examining your business cash flows. (Don’t forget about our Business Cash Advance program for those occasions when you are in a cash flow crunch.)

Creating and Using a Strategic Plan – The strategic plan is different from the business plan. You can use it to access your business’ successes, weak areas and overall performance.

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