Government Business Grants: Applying for Business Grants Online

After writing a post on making the decision to pursue the Government Grant path, I decided to put together some links for grant seekers.

· Here is a list of Federal Government Resources, including Grants, Contracts, and Auctions that provides a list of links to government grants.

· For information on finding and applying for government grants, and also managing the grants processes, check out Federal Funds Expre$$.  It is put out by the U.S. House of Representatives.

· Also, here is a site offering free videos on Locating Small Business Grants, Government Grants, and Other Grant Money.

· This Grants Information Center describes itself as “…one of a network of approximately 200 collections established by the Foundation Center, an independent national service organization in New York, to provide an authoritative source of information on foundation and corporate giving.”

 · If you accept credit card payments in your small business, you can get quick cash to tide you over while waiting for your grant by using Small Business Cash Advance.

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