Over the past few years, online jobs platforms, such as Fiverr and a wave of alternatives and clones, have been gaining credibility as a serious, affordable business solution for an assortment of professional services. But, don’t expect to just dive right in. The trick to really getting some good work done for your business is to learn how to use these platforms properly. This means knowing which sellers to buy from and what kinds of services to target.

logoTo get you started, here are eight different categories of work that professional sellers offer on Fiverr. I’ll give you some examples in each section of what you can accomplish as well as how to spot a good seller. Though I’ll focus on Fiverr, the same strategies can be used on many other micro jobs platforms as well:

1. Logos and Graphics. Need a new logo for your business? What about an icon, social media background or header, ebook cover, or some photoshop work? There are many professionally trained and naturally talented graphic designers on Fiverr. To spot a good seller, make sure you take a look at their portfolio of previous work, and pay close attention to buyer reviews.

2. Writing and Editing. Microjobs sites can also connect you to skilled writers and editors. Need an article either written or edited? What about an ebook? Do you need some help with the content on your website? The problem is that the quality of writers and editors varies significantly. If you are looking for quality, then most of the better writers and editors will be a bit more expensive. On Fiverr, for example, expect to pay $5 per 100 words for writing and $5 per 750 words editing. You should also check to see if they list any credentials.

3. Video Production and Editing. Another hot category on Fiverr is in video production and editing. You can hire a spokesman or woman to put together a video announcement or an informational video. There are also the popular white board videos. Finally, there are an assortment of professional video editors who can give you quality work at a fraction of the cost to hire directly. To find a suitable seller, spend some time looking through previous work, read the gig description carefully, and check out their introduction video.

4. Voice Overs. You can get professional voice overs on Fiverr too, and by professional, I mean some of these people have been the voice behind the commercials of well-known big brands. Just spend a little time listening to samples to find the best “voice” for the job.

5. Translation Services. Need to translate a text into another language? This is a big category for most microjobs sites. You can find many translators proficient in a range of languages, from German and French to Chinese to Hebrew. Just pay attention to their level of proficiency in both the original language and the language you want your text translated into.

6. Website Audit. Is your website failing to bring in targeted traffic? How are your conversion rates? Do you have clear calls to action and an easy to navigate site? There are many people who offer a range of website auditing services that include seo audits and design consulting. Just make sure you choose a person who already has a solid reputation and that there are many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

7. Conduct Online Market Research. Do you need to get a list of market data together, but don’t have the time to search for the information and create it? You can hire someone else on Fiverr to do it. The biggest piece of advice with this kind of work is to make sure that you clearly explain what you are looking for, and that you budget a reasonable amount of time and money for the project. Cutting corners over here is never good, and it will probably lead to a list of data that is ultimately lacking in quantity and quality.

8. Virtual Assistant. Finally, if you need a helping hand in your business, but can’t afford to hire someone directly, then Fiverr can be your go-to source for a range of virtual assistant assignments. You can have someone update your social media accounts, for example, sort emails, and do online research. Again, here you really need to pay attention to the seller’s background and reputation.

So there you have it. Eight ways to use micro jobs sites like Fiverr to run your business and get some professional work at a fraction of the cost.