As many small business owners continue to debate whether or not to heed the clarion call for all-things-social media, the Internet landscape has only gotten more complex and confusing. As a time-strapped, cash-strapped small business owner, you may be wondering where do you even start? Try asking that question, and be prepared to get back a hundred different answers.



Now, Google wants to come to the rescue with a series of short videos and live webinars designed to make the intrepid Internet seem a bit more understandable and manageable. Some upcoming webinars include, Understanding Mobile Ads Across Marketing Objectives; Reaching your Goals with Analytics; and 3 Tips to Get More out of your Video Advertising Campaigns. There are also plenty of recorded webinars to check out.

While you’re at it, you should also take a look at several other Google learning initiatives for a thorough assortment of tools, tips, and tutorials:

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