How to Fail Right

“The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” – IBM’s Thomas Watson, Sr. “There is something about losing and coming back from it that burns character into a man’s soul, breeds confidence without arrogance, and makes a man believable when he talks about problems.” – John Sears, Campaign Manager for Ronald Reagan […]

How to Avoid Being Screwed by Customer Service (Part II)

Read How to Avoid Being Screwed by Customer Service (Part I) first. A supervisor can help you. They have: More ability to provide perks/freebies/refunds Power to put a note (good or bad) in the file of someone else you spoke to. Special training to deal with customer grievances to prevent them from escalating to the […]

How to Manipulate at Work

The first rule of manipulation in general, but especially at work is: Be Subtle. The moment others consider you to be manipulative, they will dissect everything you say and do in order to protect themselves from being manipulated. In order to be effective, you must have the trust of those you want to influence. Environment: […]

Work Decorating No Nos

Whether you have your own business, or just your own work space, here are some good things to avoid when decorating at work: Uncouth photos. You don’t need to remind your coworkers that there is a much-less-professional side to you. Family photos are great, but avoid swimsuit shots (even if you are hot, but especially […]

6 Successful Businesses that Prove Society is in Trouble

The following is a short list of successful businesses that highlight some of the problems of modern society. We are not personally attacking the companies and businesses listed here, we are simply pointing out some of the questions one might ask about the society that creates a demand for such services and products. 1) Miss […]