Don’t leave your employees off your holiday gift list! Take advantage of the holiday deals and update your office with the latest in business technology. New software and business tools will revamp the office energy, and may even boost business productivity.

Here are the top five business tools employees are adding to their wish list:

Office Laptops

Have you thought about purchasing a few laptops for the office? Well, you should really consider it now, especially when prices are so low. Work laptops allow your employees to take their work home, on business trips or around the office. If your employees have limited access to work materials outside the office, they run the risk of falling behind in their work during flu season or bad weather.


Make sure your employees stay on schedule by offering them a variety of way to connect to the office. Buying a laptop is the first step.

Phone Systems

Make sure your office is up to date with the latest in telecom technology. There are three major types of business phone systems on the market today: key systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, and KSU-less phones. The fourth type of phone system uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to route your internal calls over data networks.


The best phone system can improve business productivity by helping you connect to your employees or for prospective clients to connect to you – in the best way.

Microsoft Office 2010

This new software is the first step in performing every-day business tasks with ease and accuracy. The software has new data analysis and visualization features in Excel, more vibrant graphics in PowerPoint, and better connectivity options including Microsoft Office Mobile.



If you still have senior employees using Microsoft 2003, updating everyone to the same software edition will make their lives easier and work more accurate. For more information on the software, read the top 10 reasons why you should try Office 2010 on Microsoft’s website.

Ergonomic Accessories

Making sure your employees are healthy and fit should be one of your number one concerns. Although you can’t make them eat an apple every day, you can make sure they are “healthy workers.”


You can do so by purchasing the latest in ergonomic supplies: gel mouse pads, ergonomic keyboards, arm rests and exercise balls. These supplies will help your employees stay comfortable, as well as healthy.

There are hundreds of studies describing the health risks of having a desk job, so make an effort to decrease these risks at your office. Remember, a healthy worker is a happy worker.

Notebooks and Planners

If you don’t have a large budget, purchasing notebooks and planners is the way to go. Notebooks and daily planners help you and your employees stay organized and on schedule.


A basic notebook where your employees can scribble notes down costs around $5. The most intricate planner with a 12 month calendar, quarter-hourly appointments page, daily or weekday schedule, and additional notes page costs around $30.

Your employees will appreciate the thought, and the chance to start their New Year with a fresh page. It’s the season to be giving, and your employees are the most deserving.

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