Five Tips to Avoid Burnout on the Job

As any small business owner will tell you, the onus of responsibility for the business’ success or failure falls squarely on his or her shoulders. Stress seems to come with the territory when you are trying to set up your own company, particularly when the general economic environment is uncertain.


How can you avoid burnout on the job? Here are a few tips that will help you to find a healthy balance between your business and the other vital factors in your life.

  • Make a schedule and try to keep to it – Build a reasonable schedule according to the tasks you need to handle each day. Don’t stress yourself by over scheduling and be sure to leave a few minutes for transition and resting between tasks. If you are coming up short, allot more time for each item. Over time, you will be able to build up a schedule that works for you.


  • Learn how to delegate – Although you would probably prefer to do everything on your own (most small business owners/entrepreneurs do), as your business grows this becomes physically impossible. Delegate less critical matters to others. Consider hiring a virtual assistant or freelancers. If you assign less attractive tasks to others, you’ll be able to concentrate on tasks you enjoy, thus keeping burnout at bay.


  • Be methodical – To maintain control, you must manage your time effectively. Here technology comes to the rescue: There are many online tools to help you manage your time. Making use of them will leave you important quality time to spend with your family.


  • Avoid becoming a workaholic – Burnout is guaranteed if you are determined to work 24/7. Make sure to set aside time for your friends and family. Determine a time that you will leave the office every day and stick to it (unless an emergency arises). If you want the “uptime” you are going to need some vital “down time.”


  • Exercise – Laboring your brain 24/7 doesn’t count as a workout. Physical activity can help you to handle stress more effectively. Choose the kind of activity you enjoy and go for it. Whether you prefer tennis, swimming or even brisk walking, just a few minutes several times a week can make all the difference and restore your sense of equilibrium.

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