Whenever the workload increases, a key employee has taken a leave of absence, or additional skills and expertise are required to complete a specific task, bringing in temporary employees can quickly become a standard practice for businesses big and small. But the mere presence of an extra pair of hands or someone with a fresh outlook, skill, or knowledge, does not ensure that the task at hand is getting done efficiently.


In order to get the most out of your temporary workers you have to put a bit of thought and effort into the process before you actually take someone in. The following are a few tips to consider:

Be clear about your needs. One of the most important elements to successfully work with your temporary employees is the amount of clarity and forethought you have about your needs. This will in turn help you to write out the detailed job description listed below.

Seek advice and support. Don’t just wade into the temp employment world unaided. First, consult with employees to see if they recommend anyone who could do the job; you could also ask them how they see a temp worker best being used within the business. In many cases, it may also be worthwhile using the services of a dedicated temporary employment agency. The premium you will have to pay can be easily made up if you think about all the time and effort required to weed through potential candidates yourself.

Write out a detailed job description. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that your goals and overall expectations are realistic and in line with the amount of compensation being offered as well as the experience and skill of those being hired.

Offer feedback and support. Just because your temporary worker won’t be around for the long haul doesn’t mean that he or she should be disrespected or ignored. Not only will acting respectfully and offering support generate good will, but the worker may then be more motivated to do the job right and efficiently.

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